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  Up and running

We are now around an month and a half into the running season and already we have seen a good start to the running season. Bryan Horsfall has debuted his new LMS 0-6-0 dock tank which is steaming well (sometimes too well) and visitors have already come and gone. Heres to the next month and of course gala preperations! Guest engine to be confirmed for the gala visiting from Thornes park Wakefiled New York Central 4-8-4 Lynn Marie. After a good run last year at the gala this engine returns for its second spell at the WRSLS

New track nears completion

The new headshunt extewnsion is weeks away from completion. New track work and sleepers have been laid and a new point put in place. There is still about five to six yards of track yet to be completed before the connection to the headshunt can be made. More news and piccies to come soon

Red brick Ready

The societys 0-6-0 hudswell electric pit engine has been reassembled and rerailed in time for the new running season which starts at easter. Making an interesting contrast against its riding car which reamins in its original livery as opposed to the shiny new paint work of the locomotive itself. Recently passed out electric drivers, Chris Haley, James Haley, Daniel Wall, Charles Clark and Steven Durrell will look forward to taking the controls this summer and putting the engine through its paces.

Thanks go to society chairman Colin Marsh who did most of the overhaul work for a superb job. Thanks also go to others who contributed how ever much of there time in aid of the overhaul project.

Other club locomotives under overhaul this winter include the societys 3 1/2 guage 0-4-0 + 0-4-0 garrett locomotive. Caretaker David Batty is in the process of stripping the locomotive compleately and reassembling complete with whistle ( hopefully)

This is one of my favorite images